Distance Healing

If you’re wondering how distance healing is possible, you’re not alone.  It remains mysterious and the mechanism is not well understood scientifically. However, the practical results speak for themselves.  You can experience it first hand and decide for yourself how effective it is.  Your first 30 minute session is free.

Distance Healing is based on the concept that intention can create a deep connection (entanglement) across any distance.  Many healing modalities train practitioners to use this connection effectively.

Some modalities, like Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Reconnective Healing, advocate establishing the connection and then the practitioner creates a flow of healing energy.  The receiver’s inner wisdom decides how to direct this influx of energy (not the practitioner).

BodyTalk establishes this deep connection and goes a step further.  The innate wisdom of both the client and practitioner work together to  come up with the right collection of items that need to change together or in a particular sequence to achieve best results.  Working with these collections gives an almost infinite variety of combinations so sessions can be crafted individually.

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy and Fascial Energetics use a sense of long distance kinesthetic communication.  The practitioner can sense how the receiver’s body is reacting and adjust accordingly.  The focus can be on any part of the receiver’s body, even down to the cellular level.