Phil Robison's Fall Class Offerings

Remake Your Back: A pain-free back is possible! 8 Hour Class,  Tuition  $100  [Note: price increases after 8/29/12]

  Four Wednesday Evenings in September 2012,  7 pm to 9 pm (8 hours total)

This seminar is based on the book 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale, with additional research and information from Tom Meyers, author of Anatomy Trains.    Ms. Gokhale recovered from debilitating back pain and has been teaching her method for more than 15 years.  This seminar will focus on replacing our "normal" ways of sitting, standing, lying down, and walking with healthier versions.  Participants will gain a new understanding of what good posture looks like and how to achieve it for ourselves.  These new ways of moving (and resting) will lengthen the spine and relieve compression around the spinal discs.   Please check out the pdf brochure on my website for more info.  If you intend to come to this class you must preregister. (Enrollment is limited.)  The next opportunity to take this class will be in November.

To register, download the pdf brochure from my website and mail your registration and payment to: Phil Robison 14 South Raleigh, Helena MT  59601

Here is a direct link to the brochure:


NEW!  Energy Boundaries 101,  12 Hour Class, October 20 & 21, 2012   Tuition $150

Learn how to work with your energy field in many ways.  You will gain skills in setting boundaries physically, emotionally, and energetically, as well as learning to hold more energy.  These are skills that are usually skipped or assumed to be in place by other schools of energy healing.  Many of these are life skills that are important for everyone everyday, but they are not commonly taught.  The class will begin with setting boundaries verbally - basically assertiveness training -- and then will use the same principles to build energy boundaries.  Finally we will work on boosting our energy levels.  These are all precursors to using your energy field for healing yourself or others.  About 20 percent of this class will duplicate material from the QT Basic Workshop.

Friday and Saturday,  October 20 & 21, 2012  (brochure will follow soon)


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